FabFive, Hamburg

A facade that folds itself

The Alsterblick is very popular in Hamburg. The Fab Five in the Grosse Bleichen 5 with its folded window facade brings the Alster closer to the house and offers spectacular views of Jungfernstieg and the Binnenalster.

FabFive Facts

Name: FabFive
Project type: Investment
Location: Große Bleichen 5, 20354 Hamburg
Area: 4,200 m²
Use: Office, Retail
Completion: 2017
Sale: not for sale
Architects: Art-Invest und Fischötter Architekten Hamburg
Place: Hamburg


A facade that folds itself

All windows on the office floors are extended by five degrees in the direction of Jungfernstieg, giving the facade its characteristic basic shape. In the busy flow of the prominent shopping and office mile Grosse Bleichen, the building stands out with 44 light-coloured facade elements and approx. 4,000 m² of prime rental space.

Dolce Vita ante Portas

Around Grosse Bleichen 5, the life of the city pulsates elegantly and appetisingly. Culinary creations and luxurious offers attract thousands of people every day to the city, the Rathausmarkt, Neuer Wall and of course to Hamburg’s Passagenviertel. The Hanseatic Quarter is one of a dozen honourable arcades.

Fab Five Hamburg

Under water to the city

The Jungfernstieg stop is just around the corner. The first stop in Germany to be built under water has connected the city centre with the entire urban area since 1931. It takes two minutes to get to the main train station or half an hour to the airport. The metro bus lines, the StadtRAD stations and the Alster ships complete the truly global transport network, which is used by more than 100,000 people every day.