Mauritius Höfe

Attractive mix of uses in a central location

In the middle of Wiesbaden’s city center, Art-Invest Real Estate is developing a highly attractive quarter that will breathe new life into the city and offer tenants, users and visitors a special quality of stay. As a place of encounter, the approximately 7,055 sqm area has the potential to become the new hub of Wiesbaden and is thus also of central importance from an urban planning perspective. On a total of 23,800 sqm of gross floor area, the successor to the former City Passage presents itself with a modern mix of uses that naturally combines working, living, leisure and shopping.

Mauritius Höfe Facts

Mauritius Höfe
Project type:
Wiesbaden-Mitte, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany
Plot size:
7,055 sqm
23,800 sqm
Parking slots:
Office, retail, hotel, fitness, restaurant, residential
Acquired in:
Expected 2026

Mauritius Höfe in Detail

Green oasis with historical roots

Based on the historical gardens behind the city walls, a green oasis is being created in the Mauritius Höfe, with conically tapering alleys creating exciting spaces in the form of urban widenings and narrowings. The houses stagger towards the square and are equipped with many green terraces oriented towards the center of the area. The attractive first floor zone is reserved for shopping and gastronomy; the higher floors are for living, lodging and working.

A modern, partly green facade design as well as planted roof areas characterize the image of a modern, urban quarter that builds on sustainability and feel-good character.

Open area in the heart of Wiesbaden

In a central location in Wiesbaden, the Mauritius Höfe are particularly impressive due to the continuous path connection between Schwalbacher Straße, Kirchgasse and Kleiner Schwalbacher Straße as well as the connection to Faulbrunnenstraße. The closed concept of the previous City Passage is thus dissolved and an area open to all sides is created. The Kurhaus and Kurpark, the banking district, the Hessian Parliament and the State Theater are all within walking distance – an optimal public transport connection ensures very good accessibility. Numerous restaurants in the immediate vicinity round off the excellent location.