Alter Wall 38, Hamburg

New city connection in the heart of Hamburg

A new city connection will shape Hamburg’s city centre in the future – and the office building Alter Wall 38 is part of it: from the town hall to Alter Wall and the canal, a spectacular fusion of modern working environments, cultural landscapes and innovative shopping addresses is emerging in the heart of Hamburg.

Alter Wall 38 Facts

Alter Wall 38
Project type:
Alter Wall 38, 20457 Hamburg; City
Plot size:
7,206 m²
31,037 m² BGF (existing prperty)
Parking slots:
116 Stellplätze
Hotel, Gastronomy, Office, Retail
Acquired in:
Q1 2015
2018 / 2019
Kunst & Herbert, Büro für Forschung und Hausbau
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Working at the top

Together with the neighbouring Sofitel, the house forms the end of the new city axis: the bright entrance area opens up to approx. 7,400 m² of usable space, mainly working areas on six floors. Various forms of office organization can be realized here with different characteristics: from cellular offices to open-plan and combination offices, every company will find its home in the house on Alsterfleet.

Alter Wall 38 Hamburg

The Brauhaus zum Fleet

The brewing water is bubbling again. The so-called “Brauhaus” is committed to the craft of brewing as well as excellent food in the ground floor rooms. Almost like in the 16th century – at that time Hamburg was called the brewery house of the Hanseatic League with 600 breweries. Brewing was considered a civic art, the Alsterfleet provided the water and the Bavarians has been the role model due to their purity law.

Forum for exchange

The building is located in the direct vicinity of the Alter Wall ensemble with its mix of working, shopping and cultural worlds. Beyond the Alter Wall ensemble, the boulevard offers green and open spaces – and a forum, which has all the prerequisites to become a lively meeting place in the city centre.

Alter Wall 38 Hamburg