Alter Wall, Hamburg

Between two worlds

A rediscovery is revolutionizing the city of Hamburg: 15,000 m² of space for art, enjoyment and shopping as well as 18,000 m² of modern working space are being created in the Alter Wall. Behind the city’s longest historical facade, directly opposite the city hall, the architects of Gerkan, Marg und Partner are creating a completely new world, like the hanseatic city has never seen before.

Alter Wall Facts

Alter Wall
Project type:
Project Development
Alter Wall, 20457 Hamburg; inner City (Germany)
Plot size:
5,000 m²
Retail, Catering: 12,000 m² / Office: 18,000 m² / Museum: 3,000 m²
Parking slots:
Retail, Office, Museum, Catering
Acquired in:
Alter Wall 10-32: Q2 2019 / Alter Wall 2-8: Q4 2019
gmp - Gerkan Marg und Partner


Connecting opposites

The Alsterfleet not only marks the boundary between the Old and New Town. It also connects two retail segments: the exclusive luxury segment of Neuer Wall and Passagenviertel on the one hand and the diverse brand world of Mönckebergstrasse and Spitalerstrasse on the other. The Alter Wall ensemble integrates both worlds by connecting the two most important retail locations of the city with the best pedestrian frequencies, the Bucerius Passage and the Alsterfleetbrücke.

Working in light

The central axis of the atrium provides natural light for high-quality work surfaces over the entire length of the complex. Thus, under the roof of the ensemble, a bright and open working environment with a clear room height of 3 metres is created. All office areas can be flexibly designed as cellular or group offices for optimal work and meeting quality. The in-house underground car park provides parking space for 220 cars.

Art in the centre

The Bucerius Kunst Forum opens its new exhibition spaces in the heart of the Old Wall. The Hamburg cultural institution attracts thousands of art lovers to the city every year – in 2015, the number of visitors exceeded 350,000. Since 2002, the Kunst Forum with its changing international exhibitions on antiquity and modernity has been an integral part of Hamburg’s art mile.

From fortness rampart to a boulevard

The Alter Wall has a varied biography. In the 15th century, it served as a fortification to secure the eastern flank of the old town, Heinrich Heine dined here on Parisian delicacies and at the turn of the century, shopping and commerce pulsated along the chic boulevard. The restored sand and natural stone facade, which is a protected historic monument, today breathes the flair of the fin-de-siècle again.

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