Bismarckstraße 101, Dusseldorf

The Bahnhofsquartier – the new business card of Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf’s railway station area is changing. In the middle of the trendy district, the office and commercial building at Bismarckstraße 101 is developing into an exciting multi-tenant property with a variety of uses.

Bismarckstraße 101 Facts

Bismarckstraße 101
Project type:
Investment, Development
Bismarckstraße 101, Dusseldorf
Plot size:
5,400 m²
1,395 m²
Parking slots:
Gastronomy, Office, Radiology
Acquired in:
Q1 2020


From old to new: the dynamic development of the area

The Bahnhofquartier in Dusseldorf is changing and experiencing a noticeable revaluation: renowned hotels and modern housing estates will give the district a new face in the coming years. Only a few metres away from the station building, the office and commercial building at Bismarckstraße 101, built in 1969, is developing into an interesting property that combines offices, medical practices and gastronomy under one roof.

Working in the middle of the best microlocation

The complex renovated six-storey house is located near the city centre. Not only the railway station but also all shopping facilities are within walking distance. The urban character of the area is underlined by “Little Tokyo” – the Japanese quarter of the city. Dusseldorf’s splendid mile “Königsallee” and the glamorous Kö-Bogen invite you to stroll and shop in the immediate vicinity.