Die Macherei Hafen Offenbach, Offenbach

Cape of the future

On top of the island in Offenbach’s port, a striking new city quarter is being created, which is called “Die Macherei Hafen Offenbach”. The project’s mix of uses combines hotel, office, co-working, gastronomy, fitness and retail, and with the directly adjoining local recreation area “Park in the Dunes” (formerly King Kamehameha Beach) offers attractive leisure facilities that enhance the entire environment.

Die Macherei Hafen Offenbach Facts

Die Macherei Hafen Offenbach
Project type:
Hafeninsel, 63067 Offenbach am Main
Plot size:
10,485 m²
Office, Hotel, Fitness, Retail, Gastronomy
Acquired in:
Q4 2017
Office Space:
50.000 m²
Schneider+Schumacher Planungsgesellschaft mbH


Ensemble of three

The three new futuristic buildings create an interesting tension through their architectural specials. The building projecting towards the bridge welcomes passers-by coming from the harbour, the hotel and office tower marks the tip of the island as the highest building. Together with the third, central object, they form the transition between the densely built-up harbour area and the dune park.

Local recreation with harbour view

The project also includes the creation of leisure and recreational facilities. A central place at the waterfront will be the lively meeting place and hub of the site. A sloping lawn for sunbathing will allow the base of the office complex to merge with the park, and the elevated vantage point will invite visitors to linger. The view can sweep into the distance in three directions: to the harbour, the newly created dune park with sandy beach and the Main River. On the top of the island, the exciting interaction of water, park and urban quarter creates an attractive recreation area.