Enggasse, Cologne

Representative building of the reconstruction phase

The real estate investment company Art-Invest Real Estate has its Cologne headquarter in a real collector’s item. In the glamorous 1960s, closed and open workplaces in combination with retreats enabled modern working environments in the middle of the vivid city centre.

Enggasse Facts

Name: Enggasse
Project type: Refurbishment
Location: Enggasse 3, 50668 Cologne; city centre, Tunisstraße / Enggasse
Plot size: approx. 1,500 m²
Area: Office space: 6,000 m²
Parking slots: 7 parking slots
Use: Office
Acquired in: Q3 2015
Completion: 01 2017
Place: Cologne
Design: Lepel und Lepel


Representative building of the reconstruction phase

Enggasse is a listed building from the 1950s, which has always been a part of Cologne’s banking district and still expresses the formal appeal of the Wilhelminian and neo-classical periods.

Modernity meets old walls

In close consultation with the monument conservation authorities, the premises were modernized. Today, the new floor plan gives mid-century flair to every detail: room-high doors and glass partitions framed by stainless steel meet materials such as marble, walnut and brass.

Love in every detail

The interior design of the offices is introduced by the stylish entrance area, which skilfully captures the era of the 60s. As a link between the in- and outside, the wide window sill picks up on the parapet height of the facade and translates it into a continuous design element in all rooms. Not to be forgotten: the roof terrace with its impressive view of the cathedral.