Fürst & Friedrich, Dusseldorf

Futuristic glass building in historical property

The Fürst und Friedrich in Dusseldorf is a spectacular office building that fuses a historical property with a modern new construction to create innovative working environments. Behind the wide glass facade, the building offers space on seven floors for a flexible mix of workspaces.

Fürst & Friedrich Facts

Fürst & Friedrich
Project type:
Friedrichstadt, 40217 Dusseldorf
Plot size:
approx. 3,420 m²
Rental Space approx. 15,500 m² / BGF approx. 17,000 m²
Parking slots:
Office, Gastronomy
Acquired in:
Q4 2015
Q3 2019
slapa oberholz pszczulny architekten


Address with a future

Behind the classicist facade, the foyer opens up to five floors of modern office space. The bright reception room with its panoramic elevators and relief sculptures by the artist Jan Albers is flanked by an espresso bar. Each floor with a rental area of approx. 2,200 m² can be flexibly and efficiently designed to meet all work requirements, only the view from the roof terraces is defined.

Savoir-vivre à la Friedrichstadt

The Fürst und Friedrich is located directly opposite the Kirchplatz in downtown Düsseldorf. The young district with the high density of Wilhelminian style buildings is part of the Neustadt and is one of the hippest districts in the Rhine metropolis. Various culinary and cultural offers provide creative flair and a high quality of life.

350 years of city history “op de Eck”

Two streets and two names that have written Düsseldorf’s history cross at this building. The Palatine prince Jan Wellem (1658-1716) turned the little Rhine town into a brilliant royal residence in the 17th century. The residence of the Prussian governor later stood directly on the corner. Even more than the classicistic natural stone facade, the name Friedrich is a reminder of the Prussian heritage of the town. When Düsseldorf became the Prussian Rhine province after Napoleon, the city dedicated two streets to the Prussian King Frederick William IV (1795-1861) as a sign of its loyalty: Friedrichstraße and Königsallee.