Maincubes, Offenbach

Innovative architecture

With its intelligent design, the innovative premium high-performance data center Maincubes creates a new home for server data in the Rhine-Main area.

Maincubes Facts

Name: Maincubes
Project type: Project Development
Location: Goethring, 63067 Offenbach am Main
Plot size: 8,333 m²
Area: 4,200 m²
Parking slots: 14
Use: Computer center
Acquired in: 2015
Completion: 2017 - 2018
Sale: 2015
Architects: ICT, Stuttgart
Place: Offenbach


Innovative Architecture

The cube in Offenbach has a total of 4,200 m² of data center space, a capacity of 6 megawatts and is located in the immediate vicinity of the central DE-CIX Internet node in Frankfurt. With 5.5 terrabyte data traffic per second, this is one of the world’s leading Internet nodes.

New generation of data center

Intelligent room design, sustainable efficiency and an innovative cooling system characterize the architecture of the data center, which also sets a new standard for operational security, legal security and technical safety.

Excellent data traffic

High availability, flexibility, energy efficiency and comprehensive safety characterize the plant with the cubist facade. The designer ITC Facilities 2016 has received the German Data Center Award twice.