Neuer Kanzlerplatz, Bonn

A milestone for Bonn

At the Bundeskanzlerplatz in Bonn, a new quarter ties in with the history of the Bonn Republic – and at the same time it builds a bridge for the future of the former government quarter. An ensemble of three polygonal buildings defines the floor plans for state-of-the-art working environments –  and establishes a new landmark for Bonn with the striking tower at the top of the Federal Quarter.

Neuer Kanzlerplatz Facts

Name: Neuer Kanzlerplatz
Project type: Development
Location: Bundeskanzlerplatz, 53113 Bonn; city centre (Bonn-Gronau)
Plot size: approx. 15,300 m²
Area: approx. 66,000 m² BGF
Parking slots: approx. 1,000 car parking slots / 350 racks
Use: Office
Acquired in: August 2014
Completion: in 2021
Sale: open
Architects: JSWD
Place: Bonn


A milestone for Bonn

Across the Chancellery, Neuer Kanzlerplatz is a top address for state-of-the-art working environments. The solitaire of up to 100 metres in height completes the crown of high-rise buildings in Bonn that characterises the city silhouette. From here, the view wanders not only back into history but also into the future: the building is an important contribution to the quality improvement of the southern part of the city.

A campus for visions

The architecture of the quarter combines spaces of tranquillity, concentration and contemplation with the demands of a productive and communicative working environment. The interaction between the lounges on the ground floor levels and the gastronomy on the exterior and interior surfaces creates a new forum on Bundeskanzlerplatz.